Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Video of loop 1

Snagged a new bar mount for my gopro this past weekend and have been trying different mount locations. I like this angle except for the but shots when I get out of the saddle. I guess this is one more thing to help me learn to ride strong from the saddle again.

Anyway, this is a video of one lap on the initial course without the barriers. I am planning another attack of the course today and maybe tomorrow I will scout the area for some tight twists stuff as has been requested to be added to the loop. A work in progress.

We need to get out on an evening before too long. Is next week too soon?? edit: Went back out today and re-recorded the video with gopro stem mounted. Much less bum shots!! Too lazy to make different music selections though... Cheers!


  1. better viewing without the butt shots!!

  2. Agreed. Have kept the gopro on the stem ever since...