Monday, August 27, 2012

Message from Adam

High Mike (and others!),

Unfortunately I was out there riding last Thursday and had a pretty hard crash coming down the toboggan hill on my Cross bike. I landed mainly on my face and gave myself a concussion along with a sore back but fortunately no broken bones. I'm heeling well but I need to take it super easy this week and let myself recover. Hopefully next Thursday I'll be ready to go and feeling good. If you look on the KWCX Blog you can see the course that Mike Osborne has setup. If you head out there to ride it, take it super easy coming down that hill as the path is pretty eroded, from my computer it looks like I was doing just under 30 km/h when I lost it which isn't very fast on a hill like that.

I'm hoping when we go out there to setup some nice tight hairpins and corners to practice through as I feel like that is one of my weaknesses. I also have 3 x 8 foot wide PVC practice barriers to bring along and setup out there (sorry, no bunny hopping them!). Hopefully week by week, we can mix up the course a bit to keep it fresh. I'm hoping to start at around 6 pm but it’s the type of thing where people can show up and leave as it suits.

I've included anyone in my contacts that I think has a cross bike in their collection, feel free to forward this on to anyone else that you think might be interested. If you've never tried a Cross race I highly recommend it and there will hopefully be a few of us there that have a little experience so feel free to ask us any questions. Hopefully this will be a lot of fun and beneficial for anyone interested in the sport. Also, if you have a mountain bike, come on out! Your allowed to race a Mountain Bike in everything but the M1 and Elite Cross race (1 pm races) so try it out.



  1. What time do you guys meet on Thursdays?

    Matt T.

    1. Aiming for 6pm. You coming?