Friday, September 7, 2012

New version of training/challenge loop (Ver 2)

After the unfortunate crash experienced on the course a couple weeks ago we decided to take out the one downhill and replace it with a loop-back without removing any of the climbing (I bailed at the bottom of the loopback downhill last evening). Unfortunately some of the old stats seem to stay intact even though I moved the start line out quite a ways in Strava. I may extend it a little further to see if it places accurate statistics in the leaderboard.

(Edit, I think I removed enough of the start/finish to make the results "more" accurate.)

(More edit... still trying to fight the Strave API so that we can have 2 short courses close together :(..... )

Some of the people riding last night apparently do not use Strava and we will have to remedy that :-)

Everyone has a geek side, right?!? Not just me??

Also on Endomondo for a different view of the same...

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  1. Interesting leaderboard results. Unless I was sleepwalking when I did it, I don't remember riding loop #2 yet I am in second place!