Friday, September 14, 2012

CX Practice Week 2 - Bruised Ego and Body

7 guys showed up for week 2 which was up from 4 on week one. I showed up about 1/2 hour early because I knew I needed to get out of there by 7pm (ended up more like 7:30pm). We did a longer warm up followed by some laps of the course to inflict some self pain. I was feeling good until the top of the first run-up where I completely blew it on my remount twice and showed just how green I was. From there I was let know the proper way of carying the bike on a run-up. This was good info and I used it on the next few run ups.

All through the laps I kept mounting the bike wrong and causing further scrapes and bruises but was not intent on giving up. Next came barrier practice and I was given some great pointers from Joel and started slowly getting it then speeding up the re-mount with each attempt. We then finished off with a little more skills work and then a couple of us had to take off. We decided to climb the course in reverse on the way out. I am guessing the others did some more hard laps.

I left feeling not as worked out as last week but like I had learned something and felt good about this.

Can't wait til next practice.


  1. Yep. So much to learn.

    I had my tires at 35psi last night. Bouncy! Very different than the 110 I run on my road rig. :)

    Will be swapping out the rear cassette for next week from a 25 to a 27. Just to get a little further up the climbs before dismounting for the run.

    Instruction on the hurdles was excellent. #firsttime

  2. Hey!

    I'm going to be in KW for a week (Oct 6th to 13th) and would love to come out on your cx night if that's okay! Which night do you guys ride? (Meeting time, place, etc). My email address is


    1. Come on out! we meet in McLennan Park. There is ample parking all around the park. We generally all run into each other around 6pm doing warm up laps around the outside of the hill. Always good times!

  3. Thanks, I'll be there! Which day of the week though?

    1. Thursday meet approximately 6pm.